Why Is Goal Setting Important?

If 2021 was to be the best year of your life, what would you want to happen?
Think about it and write it down. Clear goals enable you to release your full potential for personal and professional success. Goals enable you to overcome any obstacles and to make your future achievement unlimited.
How can you possibly hit a target you can’t see?
Try to set one or two goals for the main areas of your life it can be career, finances, health/fitness, relationship, anything you feel you need to work on.

Start with your 12-month goal and work backwards setting mini milestones along the way at 6, 3, and 1 month. Write down a weekly schedule so that you will achieve that one-month goal, and before you know it, what seems impossible suddenly looks possible.

When setting your goals, remember to make them SMART.
  • Specific: Get fitter just won’t cut it. Try "Run/walk the XE fun run on the 10th May"
  • Measurable: Make sure you can clearly track your goal, take regular measurements along the way
  • Achievable: When you do map out the plan, make sure it is achievable. You don't want to set expectations that are unreachable
  • Realistic: Like achievable but a notch higher. Based on your workload, be completely honest with yourself and what you are capable of. Look at your workload and set realistic goals
  • Time based: Nothing beats a deadline. Set the date, mark it in your calendar. 

Quote of the Month – "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."

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